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Accredited ELAN installer

All designs tailored to meet individual household’s requirements and budget • years experience installing ELAN technology in homes and businesses.

A premium brand that Multicoms Home is proud to be working with is the award-winning ELAN Home systems, providing smart-home automation. ELAN is intuitive and responsive, connecting electronic systems, whether for security or entertainment, across the home. All devices are controlled by a thoughtfully engineered, reliable automation system which can be personalised to meet your needs. With this easy-to-use system you can turn on your home cinema room, dim lights, draw shades, adjust room temperatures while listening to perfectly equalised surround-sound. You can also programme ELAN to turn on lighting when you wake up or return home, turn all lights off and check security is on when you are ready for bed as well as many other features. With ELAN’s home entertainment system, a single voice command using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa turns your media room into a total cinematic experience – all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the show.

ELAN home automation systems run seamlessly alongside your busy everyday schedule by intuitively creating the perfect atmosphere and comfort when you are at home and conserving energy when you are out. “Home-automation brings numerous practical benefits” explains Dean. “For example, your property’s security systems can be monitored remotely, with live notifications, giving security and peace of mind. Smart homes are also more efficient in terms of energy use by using intelligent features to anticipate your needs for temperature by managing shades and heating or cooling systems. You can also monitor your energy consumption with a detailed ELAN report, enabling you to save money and reduce your environmental impact.

“The most significant benefit of a Smart Home is the convenience of being able to control all aspects of your home from one intuitive interface thereby saving a great deal of time. As an authorised ELAN installer, the team will talk you through the process, syncing every device to the centralised system controller with its intelligent touch panels, face recognition, voice control and elegant product design. This, together with using a smartphone for remote control, means it has never been easier to manage one’s home smartly.

Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service

ELAN brings you everyday comfort, convenience and peace of mind

A single face interface that all members of the household can use instantly

Exciting up-to-date industry leader in smart home technology.

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